Care Learning Centre Ofsted Rate Us Good


Our two apprentices are about to finish their apprenticeships soon. Both have now accepted permanent contracts with us and will also start their Level 3 to build on the training they have had over the past year.

We were unsure of taking apprentices prior to this time, concerned at the potential problems that may occur, but it has been a perfect situation for us and our clients and we believe for the two apprentices also.

They are both different, in character, previous experience and age, but both have worked very hard to achieve the good results they have. I think it has been a bonus that they have been able to help and support each other and that they have become friend’s in the process. It truly has been a pleasure and privilege to watch them grow in knowledge, skill and confidence over this last year and we are very proud of them both.

The Care Learning Centre has been there to support them and us every time they have been needed. They have always responded quickly and fully with any query or concern we have had and this has certainly enhanced the whole experience.

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