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Lifetime Skills Guarantee 100% Government Funded Level 3 Diploma Training

If you are an adult of any age (19+) looking for your first Level 3 Qualification, looking to train and enhance your career prospects, the Lifetime Skills Guarantee may be for you. We can offer you a Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care, Team Leader/Supervisor, Business Administration or Customer Service.

The Lifetime Skills Guarantee aims to transform the skills system so that everyone can gain the skills they need to progress in work at any stage of their lives. It will also ensure employers have access to the skilled workforce they need, and more people are trained for the skills gaps that exist now, and in the future. Adults who take up the free courses have the potential to boost career prospects, wages and help fill skills gaps, whilst supporting the economy and building back better.

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    Level 3 Required

    Adult CareTeam Leader/SupervisorBusiness AdministrationCustomer Service

    If you would like more information, or to find out how you can access this 100% government funded programme with CLC, call us on 01983 533 993

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